Ecor Pro warrants this Ecor Pro appliance to the original retail purchaser (“Purchaser”) purchasing only in European markets through retailers directly supplied by Ecor Pro for two years from the date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Should your Ecor Pro appliance prove defective within two years from the date of purchase, please follow our return procedure to return the defective unit. Within the first 16 days, contact your retailer whom you purchased it from. They will contact Ecor Pro and a new replacement for the defective unit will be organised or indeed a repair if the swap is not possible. All returns are authorised by the authorisation number or RMA. Ecor Pro is responsible for the freight cost to and from our authorized service centre for all units with an Ecor Pro authorized RMA Number. After 16 days and up to life of warranty (24 months), the customer is responsible for freight costs to and from our authorized service centre.

Ecor Pro’s sole obligation under this warranty is to replace, or at Ecor Pro’s discretion, to repair, free of charge, all defective parts, for a period of two (2) years from date of original purchase. All replacement parts and units will be new, remanufactured, or refurbished. Proof of Purchase (i.e. copy of receipt) must be sent to obtain an RMA Number for the unit. The provisions of this warranty shall not apply to any product which in Ecor Pro’s judgment has been (1) subject to misuse or neglect. (2) damaged in an accident. (3) used for a purpose for which it was not designed, or (4) repaired or altered in any way that adversely affected its performance or reliability. Do not attempt to “open unit”, except for filter replacement in the specific way by the user manual or instructional video issued by Ecor Pro. Opening unit will void manufacturer’s warranty.

• Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the unit while in the possession of the consumer not caused by a defect in material or workmanship.
• Damage caused by consumer misuse, tampering, or failure to follow the care and special handling provisions in the instructions.
• Damage to the finish of the case, or other appearance parts caused by the wear.
• Damage caused by repairs or alterations of the unit by anyone other than those authorized by Ecor Pro.
• Freight and Insurance cost for the warranty service beyond 16 days from date of purchase up to life of warranty (24 months).

This warranty covers only new products purchased from our authorized dealers or retailers. It does not cover used, salvaged, or refurbished products. To obtain warranty service, the defective product or part must be shipped or delivered to: Ecor Pro or a nominated Agent of Ecor Pro, the Manufacturer or an Agent of Ecor Pro for instance a retailer. If warranty applies under Ecor Pro’s approved terms, all Shipping charges and insurance are covered by purchaser. ECOR PRO NEITHER ASSUMES NOR AUTHORIZES ANY PERSON TO ASSUME FOR IT ANY OTHER (LIABILITY IN CONNECTION WITH ITS PRODUCTS, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ASSUMED FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES THAT MAY RESULT FROM THE USE OF AN Ecor Pro PRODUCT OR FOR THE DAMAGES DUE TO ACCIDENT, ABUSE, LACK OF RESPONSIBLE CARE, THE AFFIXING OF ANY UNAUTHORIZED ATTACHMENT, LOSS OF PARTS, OR USE AT A VOLTAGE OTHER THAN SPECIFIED.

Ecor Pro disclaims all liabilities for defects or damages caused by use of replacement parts obtained from or by service at any service centre other than Ecor Pro, the Manufacturer.

Please keep this warranty for your records, along with a copy of the original receipt. DO NOT post it to us.

Warranty Information
1. Warranty period is 24 months from the purchased date.
2. This warranty is void if the Appliance has been altered, misused, or has been repaired by an unauthorized dealer, or it is not installed according to stated instructions.
3. You will be charged a minimum repair cost in the following cases:
a) When warranty period has expired. b) Force majeure. c) Rough and wrong operation on the appliance.
4. The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner.
The products have completely passed tests on quality control and safety features, conducted by the technical department of the Manufacturer.

Zibro Heater Warranty

1, Warranty of Zibro heater may be 24 to 48 months
2, The Zibro warranty does not cover consumable part or product servicing which may need to be performed on an annual or periodic basis to ensure the efficient running of the appliance.  Zibro appliances may stop working as an automatic safety feature if servicing is required.  The service for the appliance has a charge 
3, Servicing is only performed in certain countries through trained service centers.  
4, Please contact us to find your nearest Zibro service engineer

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