An Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner can provide relief from the heat when no other form of air conditioning is present or indeed where a central air conditioner is not providing enough cooling.  Sometimes central air systems in offices only cool to 26 degrees but it may be that certain rooms in an office centrally cooled can reach higher temperatures and need to be cooled.

Portable Air Conditioners are often used in living rooms, bedrooms, doctors waiting rooms, lawyers offices etc.  perfect if planning permission does not allow the site of an external unit on the outside of a building as would be needed with most installed “High Wall” air conditioners used often to cool rooms.  Without the need to be installed, Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioners are a fast way to cool.

A large number of Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner are used to cool “computer server rooms” where they are ideal in use.

Choosing a portable air conditioner is made easy with typically 2 options being recommended by Ecor Pro.  Small & Large models TAD24E & TAD 35E.  Each is designed for specific normal use but if the temperature in the room is hotter than normal due to internal or external factors the TAD35E should be considered or the TAD35E considered for a smaller volume of space.

You must understand any  portable air conditioner is limited in the performance it can give.  A key part of its description of name in some countries is “Spot Cooler” and that it what an Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner should be seen as.

Big factors should be considered:

1) How big an area is trying to be cooled and is there anything producing heat in the room that the portable air conditioner needs to cope with.  All portable air conditioners are recommended for a size of normal room and no more

2) If the room is small yet there are many electrical appliances inside like computers then consideration should be given to a large TAD35E. If the room is in direct sunlight such as a conservatory then perhaps a portable air conditioner is not the right cooling solution at all.  Large windows or conservatories can generate a phenominal amount of heat that may be difficult to cope with.

3) The warm air inside must be ducted outside and this is through a flexible duct provided.  Usually put through a window or wall vent the performance of the Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner is limited often restricted to the ingress of warm air coming back into the room from any opened for instance the gap around the duct through an open window.  There could be instances where a room can get warmer when using a Portable air conditioner by virtues of warm air coming back into the room through the gap around the duct hose and opening.  Using window adapter kits (WINDOW BLANKS, WINDOW KITS & VENTING KITS NOT PROVIDED) reduce this issue greatly.

4) If the aim is to leave the Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner unattended then any duct through a window may cause a security risk from the open window.  In that case a wall or window duct should be used,

During the cooling process the Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner will also dehumidify.  This water is ducted away through the hose in the same way as a tumble dryer vents warm wet air,  Should humidity be unusually excessive and the Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner can not cope with the humidity the units will stop and make a “beep” noise to alarm that the units need additional drainage.  This is relatively rare.

Maintenance is simple by keeping clean the air filters by vacuum cleaning and washing but is very much a “Plug & Play” product.

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