Garage Dehumidifiers Protect Your Car

Garage Dehumidifiers Protect Your Car.
Ecor Pro Dehumidifiers used for Vehicle Corrosion & Storing Steel

Car companies have had corrosion issues with cars that have started even when the steel was in storage. For many years the normal procedure for the storage of steel was to “heat & vent”.  Heat the space where the steel was stored and vent out the moist air. Much the same as a garage heater.  Air holds more water when its warm than when it’s cold.

However, heating & venting is expensive when considering energy cost.

Metal or rather Steel, will corrode & rust if the relative humidity is greater than 55%.

The Ecor Pro Garage Dehumidifiers can hold a desired storage humidity.  Less than 50% relative humidity will slow atmospheric corrosion and if a level of less than 40% relative humidity, corrosion is held & it will cease.

Lower humidity levels are more difficult to obtain using standard rotary technology compressors.   Typically, rotary compressor dehumidifiers will manage the humidity level best above 55% (RH) Relative Humidity.

Another issue is that car garages are often unheated & the temperature in the garage or steel storage area can fall below 0°C.  At zero water freezes & expands.  Any “domestic” desiccant dehumidifier will be affected by frost damage. Either it can mean the water will not drain away in the drain or in the extreme, the water bucket can crack or indeed the internal water tray can crack damaging the unit often beyond economical repair.   Rotary compressors dehumidifiers are affected even more by lower temperatures of course.

One or several Ecor Pro DH dehumidifiers can be used for commercial garages, car museums & holding areas for vehicles.  Indeed, the areas that tools or metals are stored,

Optional humidistats mean they work only when the Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are needed saving power.  Smaller Ecor Pro DH or DryBoat models can even protect a home car in the garage & potentially prolonging the lifetime of your tools, classic car or favourite family runabout.

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