Q-T8i 9L Home Desiccant Dehumidifier and Ioniser


Q-T8 / QT8i Desiccant Home Dehumidifier
9 (can be claimed 9 litre) extraction per 24 hours
2 Litre water container
Very quiet 37dB low fan
SEA technology can save up to 40% of energy
Dimensions 320 x 200 x 487mm
Weight 6kg


  • Safe rest feature in 10 hours
  • Ioniser
  • Continuous drainage
  • Colour – banding ring or whole unit
  • Retail or drop-ship packaging
  • Hose In Box
  • Wall hanging kit
  • Bacterial air filter
  • Bacterial water container
  • Continuous sensor fan
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Q-T8i Home Desiccant Dehumidifier and Ioniser

Look on the video you can’t see it but the fan is running true (no wobble).  A sign of real quality in any dehumidifier.  This reduces noise by vibration (lover tones that are the most irritating sounds)

Air interference, often referred to as the sound of the fan, is also reduced.

Less vibration helps prolong the life of the unit. Compare this basic point to any other manufacturers desiccant models in the market to see the sign of quality.

8 litre (Can claim 9 Litre) home desiccant dehumidifier of compact size with a plastic body, auto swing louvres & carrying hand grips on four feet.

ODM branding option (packaging options to suit customers’ needs whether full colour carton, plain or courier standard packaging)

Used for homes, offices, boats, holiday homes, garages and offices. Can be carried by one person and transported easily. Can be permanently drained over 24 hours or uses a 2.0 litre internal water container.

24 Hour Auto Operation or Timed Drying Over 8, 4 or 2 Hours Timed (controls depicted without ioniser button)

QT8 control panel


Without Ioniser but with SEA technology

“SEA” Fuzzy Logic Energy Control Can Save 40% Energy

Smart Energy Acquisition – Our unique Fuzzy Logic controlled technology that has the power to learn the patterns and variations of the atmosphere that surrounds the unit and in Saving mode saves 40% of the energy needed to keep your environment safe energy saving things. The Q-T8 senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and different times and develops an understanding of when the unit should be working on high speed, low speed or simply just in standby mode.  It knows the right time to dry when to not.  Many variables exist including temperature, humidity and indeed our own impact on the home including bathing, washing & cooking.

Can Not Over Dry

The Ecor Pro Desiccant Q-T8 units are extremely good at drying. However, setting the humidity means that the dehumidifier will not over-dry furnishings or the atmosphere protecting wood, pets and indeed improving the health of the home.

The unit can run all day every day safely.  It does have in its logic a safety shut down period every 24 hours for a period of 1 hour as a safety feature but can give 24 hour drying protection, 7 days a week.


Operational Cycles
Energy Saving & Drying Modes – DRY (Auto / Hi / Low) and Laundry (Saving and Turbo) are the 5 modes of operation:

Auto: humidity controlled around 45~50%. The fan is automatically high or low.(When over 50%RH, it runs low-power dehumidification and high fan speed. When less than 45%RH, it stops dehumidification but the fan runs in low speed.)

Hi: humidity controlled around 35~40%. The fan is always high. (When over 40%RH, it runs with high (below 35℃) or low power (35~40℃) dehumidification. When less than 35%RH, it stops dehumidification.)

Low: (Quiet): humidity controlled around 45~50%. The fan is always low. (When over 50%RH, it runs low-power dehumidification; When less than 45%RH, it stops dehumidification.)

Saving: humidity controlled to 45% or lower. The fan is always high. (When over 50%RH, it runs with high-power dehumidification (below 15℃), low power dehumidification (15~ 35℃) or stops heater (over 35℃); when less than 45%RH, it runs with low power dehumidification (below 35℃) or stops heater (over 35℃).)

Turbo: humidity controlled to 35% or lower. The fan is always high.  (when over 40%RH and below 35℃, it runs with high-power dehumidification. When over 40%RH and in 35~40℃, it runs with low-power dehumidification. When less than 35%RH and below 40℃, it runs with low-power dehumidification.)

Auto Louvres with Laundry Drying Mode Louvre Swing function 
Distributing dry air evenly over the environment, the airflow can be spread or indeed directed at a specific location for spot drying of spillage or indeed washing.


Auto Restart feature makes it ideal for connection to power supplies that get interrupted


Q-T8i with Ioniser

There is an option to change the Q-T8 to a Q-T8i.  This version has ioniser included and will run when the Q-T8i is in operation.

own brand IQ-T16 Ion Panel alternatives

With Ioniser alternative simple control panel key features

1, Simple controls
2, No pre-set auto functions
3, Fan stops working when dehumidifier is not dehumidifying
4, Lights in white as standard
5, Ioniser working automatically when dehumidifier is on

Indicator lights show:-

Water container full
Caution overheat or lack or airflow
Unique pause function for safety in continuous use
Ion generator indicator / dehumidification mode


Q-T8 & QT8i 9 Litre Extraction Rather Than 8 Litre Extraction

The Q-T8i & QT8 have effectively 9 litre of water extraction compared to other units made in other factories (see extraction curve in gallery)

At 5°C at 60% Relative Humidity (RH) the Ecor Pro desiccant unit will typically extract around 6.2 litres per 24 hours while the normal compressor technology will only extract 1.8 litres making it 3.4 times more powerful at extracting water.  At a humid 80% humidity the difference is still 2.5 times more water extracted in favour of the Ecor Pro Desiccant technology.

Between 20°C & 25°C both units will extract around the same depending considering average humidity in the home. However, below that 20°C the desiccant technology performs much better.

Operational from 1 to 40 deg. C, it is ideal for use in the home as well as a faster and cheaper method to dry cloths over tumble drier options.  Ideal for laundry drying indoors with the possibility of upward air out for drying clothes above and is even suitable for some commercial locations.

Continuous Drainage Option

A back slot pushes out in the rear of the unit allows the drainage tube to be push through the rear of the Q-T8/Q-T8i and connected to the outlet spigot.

In “Auto Mode” product will run for 24 hours.  If users, select the Auto Mode the product will keep running if the humidity stays higher than 60%RH and the water container is not full i.e. permanently drained. (humidistat tolerance 55 – 60%)

Anti-Spill Water Container

The water container is anti-spill & has a central carrying handle making it much easier to empty the water container if full of water.  Other units may have an open container with no handles that is very difficult to carry by the


Drain Pipe Included Option

The space in the carton for additional hose lengths is limited.  However, an option of a 1.5m drainage hose can be added inside the box normally

Colour or Double Boxed packaging Options

The box can be made to your retail design or if internet or shipping as singles then perhaps double the boxing option is preferred.  Double boxing will reduce container loading.

Continuous Fan Stop Option

In normal configuration the fan will continuously run.  This is a general safety feature and recommendation.  Not only does it help maintain the internal temperature of the Q-T8 but it ensures better sensing of the air.  Around any dehumidifier there can be dead spots of air that are relatively dry and can give a false reading the ambient humidity level.

Bacterial Filter Option

A bacterial filter can be added to the Q-T8/Q-T8i to help purify the air and remove odours.  Standard filter is washable.

Bacterial Container Option

The water container can be made antibacterial so that mould build up is limited giving a cleaner look to the product over time.

The water container itself is 2.0 litre Water Tank with tank full alarm and auto shut off.  Visible water indicator.  Container full warning light & overheat as-well-as tip-over safety features.

Colour Option

 colour trim

The handle inserts and colour band can be made to your own colour RAL number or even metalic look such as aluminium.  The product itself can be changed of course should you wish

Silver strip or aluminium look has a feeling of a real premium

Safest Design – Safe Rest Option

Any desiccant dehumidifier is essentially a sophisticated heater in a plastic box.  often people wish to use the dehumidifier 247.  This of course would put any normal domestic appliance under excessive stresses.  The Q-T8/Q-T8i have 2 internal safety cut outs in case of product malfunction.

In any mode there is a safety feature to enable the internal parts to fully cool. Therefore, the unit will turn off in 10 hours if there is no timer setting.  Should you wish to turn off this feature we can design it out of the software for the controller.

The dehumidification (heater) will stop in all the 5 modes when room temperature exceeds 40℃.

Wall Hanging Kit Option

The wall hanging kit cannot be included in the box.  A wall hanging bracket can be offered separately.

Tolerance Factor On Humidistat

Only commercial humidistats will give an accurate humidity level.  Domestic unit humidistats are 5% +/-

Product Details
ODM ModelQ-T8
Product Details
ODM Model
Product Dimensions
W X D X H (mm)
320 x 200 x 487
353 x 227 x 535
Current (A)
Voltage & frequency Options (V)/(Hz)
Weight (Kg)
Nett / Gross
6.0 / 7.0Timer Function (Hours)2, 4, 8 default 10
User Guide Available GB
Power Hi, Lo, Stand by (W)560, 320, 1
CertificationCE / RoHs / EMCIP RatingIP21
Items IncludedUser Manual
Noise Level Hi/Lo (dB)49 / 37
Items IncludedWashable Air FilterTemperature Range
(Degrees C)
1 to 40
Safety FuntionsTilt Protect, Water Full, Overheat (Plus Warning Light), Thermal Fuse & PCB.
Water Tank Capacity (L)
Water Full Indicator
Continuous DrainageYesAuto RestartYes
Drainage Hose
Not Provided
Inner diameter 12
Outer 14-16
Directional LouvreYes40' Container1288
Air FlowFront to Top20' Container640
Perfrmance at AHAM Conditions l/day7.5WarrantyBought Out
8Country of OriginPRoC


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