D1100 Wall Mount Rotary Compressor Dehumidifier 91L


Dehumidifier D1100
Used for also for Swimming Pools
Offices / Public Spaces
91 Litre Dehumidifier

    • Specially coated for use in Swimming Pools
    • Very strong metal framed case with Metal grill & top
    • Simple electronic controls
    • Two fan speeds
    • Built-in humidistat
    • Gravity drained with 4 possible exit points for drain tube
    • Exit hose diameter 10mm internal &  external 12mm
    • Wall mountable on 4 feet
    • Two washable filters
    • Safest connection to a splash proof fused 230V spur




91 litre, rotary compressor Pool & Office Dehumidifier with very strong metal epoxy coated cabinet.

Ideal for high traffic public places. On four feet & gravity drained. The D1100 can be placed against a wall.  Not intended for high wall mounting.  With integral humidistat and easy to clean filters. The D1100 Swimming Pool, Office or Museum Dehumidifier can be used in swimming pools, changing rooms, hotels, warehouses, museums, garages, server rooms, gymnasiums & for all manner of industrial processes.

Designed in the UK, the D1100 Swimming Pool & Museum Dehumidifier is unit designed very much for the public area being tough enough to withstand a normal adult even sitting on the product without cracking, damaging the D1100 Pool & Museum Dehumidifier in any form. With a relatively air flow great care has been taken to reduce sound in the unit and made not only air filter cleaning very simple but also extremely convenient not having to bend down to clean the filter.

The D1100 is Ecor Pro’s swimming pool, public space & warehouse dehumidifier built to the highest standard with a solid metal construction with all metal grills and top cover.  ideal for public spaces to be used for instance as a museum dehumidifier

Used in a variety of places of high human traffic including Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums, Museums, Garages, Art Gallerias, Changing Rooms, Hairdressers, Bakers, Funeral Parlours, Florists, Warehouses and for Industrial Areas including Offices.

Only the Ecor Pro D1100 Pool & Museum Dehumidifier is the right choice for maintaining a comfortable humidity level in swimming pools with its anti chlorine coatings to prevent damage from hydrochloric acid in the air unlike many other similar units in the market that have internal parts and casing rot away in such corrosive environments.

The D1100 has a strong epoxy metal coated cabinet mounted on 4 rubber feet that means it can be placed on a level surface or indeed wall mounted with the very strong mounting brackets provided.

Gravity drained through a plastic drain tub that can be drained from 3 points on the D1100 on the left, right & underneath.   The D1100 Pool & Office Dehumidifier can be used with an optional external pump should gravity draining not be possible to raise the water drain head.

Using rotary compressor to reduce noise by cutting vibration and of course energy efficient,  Air filter to the inlet grille can be easily accessed even when wall mounted without needing to take the unit from the wall

Using the Ecor Pro D1100 Swimming Pool & Museum Dehumidifier

Standing time required after transport 1 hour. Simple “Plug & Play” without need for assembly of the unit.

The electronic humidistat and two speed fan controller allows regulation of humidity level between 40-70% RH by simple toggle push button.  Continues setting can also be selected to constantly dry the environment.

Air filters are a tough nylon mesh that can be easily cleaned to keep performance at a maximum.  Airflow from front to top with directional louvres on the top of the unit.

Product Description

Product Details
Product Details
Product Dimensions
W X D X H (mm)
820 x 360 x 710Current (A)6.5
Weight (Kg)
Nett / Gross
51 / 53Voltage & frequency Options (V)/(Hz)230/50
User Guide Available GB / FR / DE
Click here!
Power (W)1650
CertificationCE / RoHs / EMCIP RatingIPX4
Items IncludedUser ManualNoise Level (dB)51-53
Items Included2 Filter FramesTemperature Range
(Degrees C)
7 to 35
Items IncludedWall Mounting BracketAir Flow Process (m3/hr)
High Speed 850
Items IncludedPallet Qty EU / UK6 / 6
Optional ExtraExternal PumpContainer Loading 20' / 40'
Optional ExtraManufacturerEcor-Pro
Optional ExtraBrandEcor-Pro
Perfrmance at AHAM Conditions l/day57OEM OptionYes
91Country of OriginUK

User Manual Symbol

Additional information

Weight 51 kg
Dimensions 820 x 360 x 710 cm


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