TDZ80 Home Desiccant Dehumidifier 9 Litre


2 year warranty 130 x 130Used for indoor areas only
Large room / Conservatory / 2-3 bedroom house
Better Performance at Lower Temperatures
9 Litre Home Dehumidifier

    • Very quiet for the extraction capacity
    • 2.2 Litre no spill water container
    • Can be continuously drained
    • Simple electronic controls
    • Washable bacterial filter
    • Carrying handle on four feet.
    • Light weight to carry
    • Narrow & easily to positioned between furniture
    • Auto Swing louvres helps to circulate air & reduce drying time by 40%
    • Fuzzy Logic Control – Saves up to 40% energy


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Our Home Dehumidifier is More Efficient in Standby Mode


More efficient in extracting water than the competition Home Dehumidifiers

9 litre desiccant home dehumidifier is highly advanced with the latest technology.  Compact in size with a plastic body, auto swing louvres & carrying handle on four feet. Used for homes, offices, boats, holiday homes, garages and offices. Can be carried by one person and transported easily. The TD-Z80 Desiccant Home Dehumidifier can be permanently drained over 24 hours or uses an internal  2.2 litre “No Spill” & easy to carry water container.

This quiet running 9 litre desiccant home dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer uses state of the art desiccant rotor technology.

“SEA” Fuzzy Logic Energy Control

– Smart Energy Acquisition – Our unique Fuzzy Logic controlled technology that has the power to learn the patterns and variations of the atmosphere that surrounds the unit and in Saving Mode can save 40% of the needed to keep you environment safe energy saving things. It senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and different times and develops an understanding of when the unit should be working on high speed, low speed or simply just in standby mode.  It knows the right time to dry when to not.  May variables exist including temperature, humidity and indeed our own impact on the home including bathing, washing & cooking.

SEA technology is as the cutting edge of dehumidifier design and can reduce the energy bill for the appliance by as much as 40%.  In addition a dehumidifier is of course much more energy efficient at keeping the home dry compared to using the heating system and venting warm wet air to the outside.  This method of drying is very costly.  Altogether, the it saves any household real money keeping both their home and the family safe from the harmful effects of excess humidity.

– Smart functions means that in energy saving mode the Desiccant Home Dehumidifier  can minimise energy consumption over other dehumidifiers with simple fan & humidistat controls.

– Aut0 swing louvres help circulate the air in the room to avoid dead spot to get a more even drying affect and can mean drying time for a room is shortened by as much as 40% saving energy

– Safety first.  Inside every desiccant dehumidifier is a heater.  Unlike other similar products, our home desiccant dehumidifiers allow a rest period for 1 hour after every 10 hours used in a 24 hour continuous cycle.  This keeps the fan circulating & cooling the inside heater to help prevent overheating which can shorten the lifetime of a desiccant dehumidifier.  This safety measure is above and beyond the triple safety features inside the unit.

– Continuous Drainage For ease of use, the Domestic Desiccant Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer has a continuous drainage option for continuous operation or remote use.  A washable bacterial filter to clean the air as it dries & and unlike most other units have a no spill 2.2litre water tank.  A carrying handle in the tank and lid make it clean and tidy when emptying the water out of the tank.

8 L Desiccant Verses Normal 14 L Compressor Dehumidifier

Desiccant technology usually extracts more water than most conventional dehumidifiers at temperatures below 20 degrees centigrade.  Perfect for unheated rooms or unheated rooms.  The TD-Z80 will auto restart at the same drying function if the power is switched off provided it stays plugged in.

extraction curves

At 5°C at 60% Relative Humidity (RH) the Ecor Pro desiccant unit will typically extract around 6.2 litres per 24 hours while the normal compressor technology will only extract 1.8 litres making it 3.4 times more powerful at extracting water.  At a humid 80% humidity the difference is still 2.5 times more water extracted in favour of the Ecor Pro Desiccant technology.

Between 20°C & 25°C both units will extract around the same depending considering average humidity in the home. However,  below that 20°C the desiccant technology performs much better.

Operational from 1 to 40 deg. C, it is ideal for use in the home as well as a faster and cheaper method to dry cloths over tumble drier options.  Ideal for laundry drying indoors with the possibility of upward air out for drying clothes above and is even suitable for some commercial locations.

See Here  for more information on the general use of Domestic Dehumidifiers

Fuzzy Logic Control

The Fuzzy Logic controlled technology has the power to do energy saving things. It senses the ambient temperature and humidity level and automatically toggles between the full power, economy power and standby modes. This function will reduce your energy bill by as much as 40%.

This ensures that the humidity level is under control and that you only use your electricity when absolutely necessary.

Can Not Over Dry

The Ecor Pro Desiccant units are extremely good at drying. However, setting the humidity means that the dehumidifier will not over-dry furnishings or the atmosphere protecting wood, pets and indeed improving the health of the home.

The unit can run all day every day safely.

Operational Cycles

Energy Saving & Drying Modes – DRY (Auto / Hi / Low) and Laundry (Energy Saving and Turbo) are the 5 modes of operation :

Dry Auto: humidity controlled around 45~50%. The fan is automatically high or low.(When over 50%RH, it runs low-power dehumidification and high fan speed. When less than 45%RH, it stops dehumidification but the fan runs in low speed.)

In “Auto Mode” product will run for 24 hours.  If users select the Auto Mode the product will keep running if the humidity stays higher than 60%RH and the water container is not full or is permanently drained. (humidistat tolerance  55 – 60%)

Auto Restart feature makes it ideal for connection to power supplies that get interrupted.

Dry Hi: humidity controlled around 35~40%. The fan is always high. (When over 40%RH, it runs with high (below 35?) or low power(35~40?) dehumidification. When less than 35%RH, it stops dehumidification.)

Dry Low: (Quiet): humidity controlled around 45~50%. The fan is always low. (When over 50%RH, it runs low-power dehumidification; When less than 45%RH, it stops dehumidification.)

Energy Saving: humidity controlled to 45% or lower. The fan is always high. (When over 50%RH, it runs with high-power dehumidification (below 15?), low power dehumidification (15~ 35?) or stops heater (over 35?) ; when less than 45%RH, it runs with low power dehumidification (below 35?) or stops heater (over 35?).)

Laundry Turbo: humidity controlled to 35% or lower. The fan is always high. (when over 40%RH and below 35?, it runs with high-power dehumidification. When over 40%RH and in 35~40?, it runs with low-power dehumidification. When less than 35%RH and below 40?, it runs with low-power dehumidification.)

We do recommend however that in any commercial application that an Ecor Pro DH2500, DH3500 or DH4500 are considered.  These are designed to work all day & every day as you would expect from professional industrial dehumidifiers.  If your purpose if more than you would expect from a domestic unit an Ecor Pro professional unit is the only choice.

Auto Louvres with Laundry drying Mode Louvre Swing function (120 degree swing)

Distributing dry air evenly over the environment, the airflow can be spread or indeed directed at a specific location for spot drying of spillage or indeed washing.

More efficient in Standby Mode


More efficient in extracting water than the competition

Product Description TDZ80 Home Desiccant Dehumidifier 9 L

Product Details
Product Details
Product Dimensions
W X D X H (mm)
320 x 212 x 476Current (A)2.7
Weight (Kg)
Nett / Gross
6.1 / 7.5Voltage & frequency Options (V)/(Hz)230/50
User Guide Available GB / FR / D / NL
Power Hi/Lo (W)350 / 620 / 1 standby
CertificationCE / RoHs / EMCIP RatingIP21
Items IncludedUser Manual
Noise Level (dB)47
Items IncludedWashable Bacterial Air FilterTemperature Range
(Degrees C)
1 to 40
Items IncludedWater Tank Capacity (L)
Extended Warranty (Years)2Pallet Qty EU3 x 9 = 27 pcs
Drainage Hose
Not Provided
Inner diameter 12
Outer 14-16
Container Loading 20' / 40'
Directional LouvreYesManufacturerToyotomi
Air FlowFront to TopBrandToyotomi
Perfrmance at AHAM Conditions l/day8OEM OptionNo
9Country of OriginPRoC

User Manual Symbol

Additional information

Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 320 × 212 × 476 cm


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