TDM80 9L Home Manual Desiccant Dehumidifier & Ioniser


2 year warranty 130 x 130Used for indoor areas only TDM80
Large room / Conservatory / 2-3 bedroom house

    • 9 Litre Home Dehumidifier
    • Ioniser function
    • Better Performance at Lower Temperatures
    • Very quiet for the extraction capacity
    • 2.2 Litre no spill water container
    • Can be continuously drained
    • Simple manual controls
    • Washable filter
    • Carrying handle on four feet.
    • Light weight to carry
    • Narrow & easily to positioned between furniture


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TDM80 9L Home Manual Desiccant Dehumidifier & Ioniser – Simply & Easy To Use

Toyotomi 9 litre domestic desiccant home dehumidifier of compact size with a plastic body, auto swing louvres & carrying handle on four feet. Used for homes, offices, boats, holiday homes, garages and offices. Can be carried by one person and transported easily.

Manual controls making it perfect for situations where the power supply is unstable as electronic controls are often affected by the fluctuating current. 2.2 litre internal water container.

  • Permanent Drainage
  • 24 Hour Operation Mode
  • Ioniser


This silent quiet running 9 litre domestic desiccant home dehumidifier / Laundry Dryer uses state of the art desiccant rotor technology. Features include 2.2 litre Water Tank with tank full alarm and auto shut off, 3 Mode Settings (Normal, Quiet, Powerful).

For ease of use, the Desiccant Home Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer has a continuous drainage option for continuous remote use, a washable bacterial filter and removable water tank.

Desiccant technology usually extracts more water than most conventional dehumidifiers at temperatures below 17 °C.  Perfect for unheated rooms.  The TDZM80 will auto restart at the same drying function if the power is switched off provided it stays plugged in.

extraction curves

At 5°C at 60% Relative Humidity (RH) the Ecor Pro desiccant unit will typically extract around 6.2 litres per 24 hours while the normal compressor technology will only extract 1.8 litres making it 3.4 times more powerful at extracting water.  At a humid 80% humidity the difference is still 2.5 times more water extracted in favour of the Ecor Pro Desiccant technology.

At around 25°C the TDM80 will extract close to 9 litres per day & at around 20°C both a good quality compressor dehumidifier and the TDM80 will extract around the same amount of water.

Operational from 1 to 40°C, it is ideal for use in the home as well as a faster and cheaper method to dry cloths over tumble drier options.  Ideal for laundry drying indoors with the possibility of upward air out for drying clothes above and is even suitable for some commercial locations.

See Here  for more information on the general use of Domestic Dehumidifiers

More efficient in Standby Mode


More efficient in extracting water than the competition


Product Details
TDM-080 ModelTDM-080
Product Details
TDM-080 Model
Product Dimensions
W X D X H (mm)
320 x 212 x 476
353 x 227 x 535
Current (A)
Voltage & frequency Options (V)/(Hz)
Weight (Kg)
Nett / Gross
6.0 / 7.0Timer Function (Hours)
User Guide Available GB
Power Hi (W)560
CertificationCE / RoHs / EMCIP RatingIP21
Items IncludedUser Manual
Noise Level Hi/Lo (dB)49 / 37
Items IncludedWashable Air FilterTemperature Range
(Degrees C)
1 to 40
Safety FuntionsTilt Protect, Water Full, Overheat (Plus Warning Light), Thermal Fuse & PCB.
Water Tank Capacity (L)
Water Full Indicator
Continuous DrainageYesAuto RestartYes
Drainage Hose
Not Provided
Inner diameter 12
Outer 14-16
Directional LouvreYes40' Container1288
Air FlowFront to Top20' Container640
Perfrmance at AHAM Conditions l/day8Warranty
9Country of OriginPRoC

Additional information

Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 320 × 212 × 476 cm


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