TDC120 Home Dehumidifier Rotary Compressor 12L


2 year warranty 130 x 130Used for indoor areas only
Large room / Small 2 bedroom apartment
12 Litre Home Dehumidifier

    • Rotary compressor technology
    • Low energy consumption
    • 2.2 Litre water container
    • Simple electronic controls
    • Washable bacterial filter
    • Carrying handle on four feet.



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Ideal home dehumidifier.  Whether for a bedroom, spare room, living room or for laundry or small appartments the TD-C120 is an ideal home dehumidifier.

Using rotary technology ( many other manufacturers will use older technology – reciprocating compressors that are noisier and less efficient) the dehumidifier is a small compact unit benefiting from Japanese engineering and Japanese quality standards.

dehumidifiers help stop condensation

Home Dehumidifier

A home dehumidifier of compact size with a plastic body, carrying handle on four feet. Used for homes, offices, boats, holiday homes, garages and offices. Can be carried by one person and transported easily. Can be permanently drained over 24 hours or uses a 2.2 litre internal water container.

This quiet 12 litre Home Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer features include 2.2 litre Water Tank with tank full alarm and auto shut off.

For ease of use, the Home Dehumidifier/Laundry Dryer has a continuous drainage option for continuous remote use, a washable bacterial filter and removable side water tank with visible water level indicator.  This side container and the design of the home dehumidifier makes it ideal for placing between furniture to save space.  Alternatively the smart, clean high polish design front on gives a modern look to the product.

Back to top air flow means that laundry drying becomes easier with damp washing placed on clothes horse above the product (ensure it is not dripping wet) and it will dry naturally.

On four feet the home dehumidifier has internal carrying handle grips to easily transport the TDC-120 from room to room.  Often used in out buildings that are kept above 0°C thus preventing risk of damage due to frost damage.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 303 × 468 × 193 cm


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