Heat Recovery Ventilator & Whole Home Dehumidifier LD800



Unique Compressor Heat Recovery Ventilator
Whole Home Dehumidifier

Ideal for any home
Can pay for itself in 5 years

Family Homes
Rental Multiple Occupancy Properties
Guest Houses & Hotels
Spas & Pool Areas

    • 80 litres Per day Maximum water extraction
    • 225% efficient retaining heat from the home & introducing fresh air
    • Running energy also is conserved
    • Dehumidification at AHAM conditions up to 90 pints
    • Adjustable fresh air inlet for up to 100 m3/hr fresh air
    • Pollen filter that is easy changeable
    • Fan only operation for summer use
    • Rotary compressor using latest technology
    • Hard or even flexible ducting around the home
    • Can work together with central air system
    • One 250mm room inlet & one 150mm fresh air inlet
    •  Two 250mm outlets option one or both can be used
    • Water drainage via standard connector (3/4″ or 1.9 cm)
    • All metal construction on 4 removeable levelling feet
    • Able to be ceiling hung on acoustic hangers (not supplied)
    • Coated for use in harsh enviroments even in swimming pool areas
    • Optional remote humidistat & fan control (not supplied)
    • 38kg / B 800 x D 373 x H 498 mm
    • 230V / 50Hz / 4.0 A / 890W
    • Extraction 80 L/DAY 30 0C  RH 80% Gravity Drained
    • Operating Temperature 5-35°C
    • Refrigerant enviromentally R410A
    • Sound level 50-56dB



Can Pay For Itself in 5 Years

Typical Installation

Locating – Small enough to be able to fit through a loft hatch.  Usual installation would be suspending from the roof rafters by acoustic hangers or on acoustic matting on a board over loft  joists.

Cupboard installation or under floor installation is also possible.










Ducting Outlet – The ducting to and from the LD800 can be flexible but should be insulated.  Outlet duct will usually be 250mm and to a central point in the home such as the top of a stairwell in the ceiling.  This will eliminate any feeling of draft.  People will feel draft from moving air despite the air temperature always being warmer on the outlet than inlet.  However, the outlet can be split with tee junctions to give several outlets of dry fresh air in the home.

Ducting Inlet – Inlets may typically be from bedrooms, bathrooms & en suites with 80-100mm holes in those ceilings covered with suitable vents.  These vents through the ceiling are then connected to insulated ducting in the loft space.  These smaller ducts are joined to the LD800 with a suitable reducer to connect to the 250mm inlet.  Several inlets can be made by tee with tee pieces on the duct lengths.  For maximum efficiency keep the ducts lengths as short as possible and all the inlets should be at least the same in surface area as the area of the LD800 final inlet (490cm²).  Having one 250mm inlet is also possible as one dust but this should be placed as far from the outlet as possible to ensure there is a circulation of air in the home.

Moisture in the home will always tend to migrate to upper floors

Fresh Air Control –
The fresh air inlet of 150mm can be let off and the LD800 will take air from the loft space. This is also slightly heated from escaping heat from the home through the ceiling.  The LD800 captures that heat and again puts the heat back into the home.  Alternatively, outside fresh air can be taken from a roof chimney or eave vent.

Water Drain – The water collected from the LD800 could be gravity drained away to the roof eaves and then linked to existing roof rain drains.  This pipe should be insulated to protect against frost damage.  If gravity draining is not possible an additional condensate pump can be used

Power Suply – Electricity will be via a 13 Amp supply.  It is recommended that the LD800 is put onto a ring main circuit and not linked to the lighting ring circuit

NOTE Terminals A & B must be bridged to start LD800 when testing

Control – The LD800 can be used with an Ecor Pro  external low voltage regulator and fan controller that the user will often locate in the living space.  Just like the common heating thermostat,  the user can regulate air drying or just have the system on fan to filter fresh air around the home only without drying.

ld800 where to put it 3Click Picture to Enlarge.  Typical ducting & product position in loft space

Other Ducting Points

The LD800 can be ducted around the home to ensure an even distribution of cleaned, dried & warm fresh air.  Above all the energy is retained into the home.

Dry air can also be ducted to other floors to utility rooms and basements even garages to keep those areas dry too

Can be used with a Central air system to combat icing issues in some central air conditioning units and give more all year round use.

The LD800 Gives Fresh Air

Fresh air is continuously drawn into the LD800 heat recovery ventilator which is vital for healthy living.  The heat from this air is also retained.  Even if cold outside air is used as fresh air the system will always produses warm fresh air.

If we seal our home to prevent heat escaping we trap in humidity and create stale air.  Fresh air helps prevent drowsiness, headaches, itching and smells.

Putting air into the home energy efficiently is the clever part of the LD800.  The home owner sets the amount of LD800 fresh air allowed in the home with a control slider on the product.  Maximum comfort and energy efficiency that you regulate to suit your own home needs to give the right flow of  fresh air.

Summer Use Too With Air Filter & Fan Only Option

This fresh air is filtered & then mixed with the air from inside the home that the LD800 has collected and also filtered.  This air from the home has been collected often through second floor ceiling vents in bathrooms & bedrooms.

Easy to change filter HEPA type Filter Fitted for All Year Round Use

Ecor Pro’s LD800 tough epoxy coated metal cabinet is very tough and durable but operation is quiet.  Filtering is with professional HEPA type filters that are readily available and as its the same technology as high end air filters purpose bought for the home to help with allergens.  The LD800 can save on that purchase or at least improve even more the quality of the air for any airborne allergy sufferer.

Gives Out More Energy Than is Put In

Even the energy used to power the LD800, it also retains the latent heat from the home moisture and puts that back into the home also.

Energy output is least 225% in normal operation which approximated to recovery initial product cost outlay in around 5 years.

User Manual Symbol


Product Details
Product Details
Product Dimensions
W X D X H (mm)
373 x 800 x 498Current (A)4.0
Weight (Kg)
Nett / Gross
36 / 42Voltage & frequency Options (V)/(Hz)230/50
User Guide Available GB / NL / GE / FRPower (W)890
CertificationCE / RoHs / EMCIP RatingIPX0
Items IncludedUser ManualNoise Level (dB)50-56 low and high fan
Items IncludedHEPA TypeTemperature Range
5 to 35
Items Included2 x 250mm flanges
1 x 150mm flange
Air Flow Process (m3/hr)
Items Included2 x 250mm metal flanges
1 x 150mm metal flange
Pallet Qty EU / UK4
Optional ExtraExternal HumidistatContainer Loading 20' / 40'
Airflow versus external static pressure (0–25mm water pressure) with collars attached0mm 400 CMpH
5mm. 357 CMpH
10mm. 330 CMpH
15mm 300 CMpH
Optional ExtraEPHUM24BrandEcor Pro
Perfrmance at AHAM Conditions l/day46OEM OptionYes
80Country of OriginPRoC Designed in UK