Doner Kebab Grill Machine Robot NGDR14G


Doner Kebab Grill Machine Robot NGDR14G
Hygienic cutting without hand contact 24/7
• East to use and fully automatic
• Easy to clean the parts
• Sensor cutter for cutting desired meat thickness
• Remote control
• Adjustable cutting and rotation speed
• Removable skewer
• Removable cutting knife
• Wide cutting with circular blade of 14Omm diameter
• On the possibility ot the robot blade sharpening
• Safety rotisserie mechanism preventing damage to the motor if jammed
• Doner engine capable of rotating in both dire
• Heated for maintaining the temperature of the meat cut in the bain-marie.
• Easy software update
• Low energy consumption

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Doner Kebab Grill Machine Robot NGDR14G

doner kebab robot grill machine dimensions

A – Head Depth : 124cm
B – Total Width : 99cm
H – Height : 181cm
C – Depth Without Tray : 78cm
D – Depth with Tray : 111cm
E – Tray / Base Width : 75cm
Gas Consumption (LPG) : 2.1 kg/h(LPG)
Gas Consumption (NG) : 5.2 m3/h(NG)
Gas Consumption kW : 37.8 kW (LPG)
Gas Consumption kW : 49 kW (NG)
The Number Of Burners : 2 x 7
Weight : 234 kg
Power Control : 120W (min)-400W (max)
Voltage : 230V
Max Weight of meat : 240 kg
Max Height of meat : 118 cm
Max diameter of meat : 54 cm


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