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Toyotomi Heaters in Home

Ecor Pro forms a European partnership with Toyotomi Japan, the manufacturers of Zibro Heaters

A laser Zibro Heater uses a low amount of power from the normal ring circuit in the home.  This powers an internal fan that helps circulate the heat in the room more effectively and faster using convection.  It also powers the digital display.  The mains electric also is used to ignite the system and regulating the burn in the combustion chamber to give radiant heat also.  A laser paraffin heater needs to be plugged into the home power supply to work.

Zibro laser heaters are highly fuel efficient & more odour free than wick heaters

A wick Zibro Heater will use batteries and piezoelectric to initially ignite the wick that burns the paraffin.  That heat produced is mostly radiated out from the heater to the room.  Being reliant only on batteries to operate it makes it ideal to heat places where there is no power supply or where there is a fear of a power cut.

Double Burner wick heaters us a patented Zibro system that is both more efficient in the fuel consumption and “burns” any odour away.  Over a relatively short time the efficiency of the double burner system will more than pay for the additional cost of the unit.

A NF  “Norme Francaise”, Zibro NF heaters can be either wick or laser but it have the peace of mind of being the highest safety standard for paraffin heaters in Europe. Developed in France, this standard goes way beyond the usual European & UK standard of CE to give additional safety features to fully protect your family.  Cheaper CE standard products are of course available meeting fully European directives.

When choosing a Zibro Paraffin Heater there are two key questions to ask:-

1, Will there be a power source available for the power to the Zibro Paraffin Heater? – If Yes then you can use a clean burn Laser heater which will have the maximum efficiency.  If no then you can still use the  Zibro Wick Paraffin Heater

2, What size room do I need to heat?  Do you need to consider more than one Zibro Heater for the area you are trying to heat?

zibro heaters look good in the home

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