desiccant dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidifiers or “absorption” dehumidifiers are not just good at working in colder temperatures, industrial grade Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifiers can even keep drying the air down to -20°C. Compressor dehumidifiers & home desiccant dehumidifiers usually stop working at 5°C to protect the appliance from frost damage.

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Only Ecor Pro Inox Models are Stainless Steel Inside & Out

The advantage of stainless steel is it is tougher and will withstand harsh chemicals for cleaning and is more salt resistant. Inox models are perfect for use where there are food stuffs, freezers, chill rooms and food preparation areas. They are also perfect for maritime applications.

If you want to dry all day every day a commercial dehumidifier is needed. If the space you are drying can fall in temperature below 5°C then only an Ecor Pro commercial grade desiccant dehumidifier will do the job

If your application for drying is all day and every day, then it’s a commercial desiccant dehumidifier you mayneed.

Our home dehumidifiers we think are the best quality on the market for performance and above all safety but we always recommend commercial grade products for drying 247 use.

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The industrial grade models do not use a water container. Working below freezing, water would obviously freeze and damage the unit if the water was condensed. Instead the moisture is ducted away much the same as a tumble dryer hose vents moisture.

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