Zibro Heaters

In 2012 Ecor Pro formed a cooperation agreement with Toyotomi.  Toyotomi are the only maker of Zibro Heaters.  Ecor Pro now distributes Zibro heaters across Europe 

Zibro heater NF Standard is the highest standard of safety across Europe for paraffin heaters. This is above and beyond normal CE standard for safety. Features include CO2 sensors, cool surfaces to touch as well as the normal Zibro anti tip-over switch off & safe fuel filling tank.

Zibro Laser Heater Needs power supply to ignite fuel efficiently and has an integral fan to circulate heat through convection as well as radiating heat. Very efficient burn system and low maintenance. Varying degree of controls include Timers, Proximity Switch On, Fuzzy Logic Control.

Zibro Double Burner Wick is a patented Wick burning mechanism that is more clean & efficient than standard wick. Helping to increase fuel efficiency and have even lower odour in operation.

Zibro Wick Heaters are ideal for where there is no mains power supply. Radiant heat that is ignited by battery so its easy safe & no matches needed.

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room shots of zibro units

SAFE Safety is taken as the first priority with Zibro Heaters. Zibro heaters are very safe to use. Should anything happen to affect the operation of the heater, it will switch off automatically. Something that a gas or electric heater will not always do. Some Zibro Laser paraffin heaters are equipped with a timer, a childproof lock, and a frost protection device.

LOW SMELL In the 1970s old paraffin heaters without a doubt had a smell about them. However, with modern & old technology combined, todays Zibro heaters are clean burning during operation.

LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION One of the main advantages of a Zibro paraffin heater is its low fuel consumption. The heaters run on clean burning fuel especially formulated for Zibro heaters.

COMFORTABLY WARM Not only are Zibro paraffin heaters very economic and user-friendly, they will also keep you comfortably warm. Many people compare the warmth provided by paraffin heaters to a cosy coal fire. A natural heat that is not dry unlike heat often experienced from a gas or electric heating.

CONTROL YOUR HEATING COSTS In recent tests owners of propane gas heaters said that the cost of fuel was approximately double that of using Zibro heaters making.


Only Toyotomi make Zibro Heaters.  Buy Direct in the UK at www.toyotomi.co.uk

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