Salamander Grills

NAOMI GRILLS: Salamander Grills & Kebab Grills Manufacturer

Established in 1974, Naomi Grills is a leading European commercial catering equipment manufacturer. We provide a dedicated range of products covering key areas of our business designing & building Doner Kebab Grills & Salamander Grills to our own design. We pride ourselves at building quality. As well as Salamander Grills & Kebab Grills we also have our unique Robot Kebab Grills.

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Save Energy With a Naomi Salamander Grill

Controllable segments of the grill save energy.  Don’t heat the whole grill surface but just the segment you are cooking in.  Alternatively, have the Naomi Grill Salamander at different temperatures along its length by varying the heater control.  This allows different temperatures for cooking different items along its length or cooking at one end & keeping food warm at the other.  A highly versatile salamander grill.

Water Filled Base Tray

naomi pita bread for salamander grillsNaomi salamander grills don’t dry or over cook the meat or bread.  The bottom tray allows water to be added that gives a moist cooking heat that keeps in the freshness of the bread & meat creating a superior taste.


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