Electric Air & Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

These are the smallest electric water heaters on the UK market, making them less obtrusive and allowing for more flexible installations.  With models to fit either above or below a sink or inline, they offer a neat and tidy solution for all point of use water heating. They are extremely energy efficient too and you don’t waste lots of running water waiting for the hot water to arrive.

under the sink small size of water heater


Electric Air Heaters

Ecor Pro’s IR or infra red heaters are ideal for emergency heating or for heating outdoors.  Where the light hits, heat is given.  Often used in new buildings by builders, shops for emergency heating, plasterers for drying plaster or spray painters for drying paint.

Using “Gold” Technology to help prevent cataracts & other eye issues which is relatively unique in the market.

Big Red Heater ideal for garages

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