Portable Air Conditioners

An Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioner can provide relief from the heat when no other form of air conditioning is present or indeed where a central air conditioner is not providing enough cooling. Sometimes central air systems in offices only cool to 26 degrees but it may be that certain rooms in an office centrally cooled can reach higher temperatures and need to be cooled. Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioners are often used in living rooms, bedrooms, doctors waiting rooms, lawyers’ offices etc.
A portable air conditioner is perfect if planning permission does not allow an external air conditioning unit on buildings in your area. Without the need to be installed they are simple plug & play. Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioners are a fast way to cool. A large number of Ecor Pro Portable Air Conditioners are used to cool “computer server rooms” where they are ideal in use.



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