We want to use our resourcing and technical engineers to create catering products of superior quality.  Products using all types of gas as standard.  Kebab & Salamander Grills that are innovative using the latest technology of clean electric heating and most advances robotic technology at a reasonable price.


For over 30 years the Naomi Brand has been in the market and a real sign of catering quality. We pride ourselves not only in the product quality but going that extra mile to give the product back up and support needed for parts, training and installation service for our robot grills.

Naomi Grills kebab grill machine ECU4G

Robot Kebab Grills

Whether electric or gas, top motor or bottom motor driven.  Naomi Grills has a range to suit.  Our new Robot Grills save time which we know means money to a busy establishment.  Robot grills can work all day and every day.  They cut meat to your settings ensuring no waste and perfect cooking.  Above all, additional salary costs will be saved paying for itself quickly

Salamander Grills

Gas or electric options with up to 5 burners. Variable height control to ensure meat is in cooking mode or just maintaining the heat. The water bed means the meat or bread is always kept moist and tasty

Fly killers kaltan by Ecor Pro


We know that you may want superior kitchen equipment with the trusted Naomi seal of approval apart from Salamander Grills & Kebab Grills.  Naomi Grills provides Electric Knives, Knife Sterilizers as well Fly Killers.  All meeting the same exact quality standard of technically advanced Kebab Grills.  You can see a quick overview of the range  here