Installing a DryFan Dehumidifier




Water is Is Simply Vented Away. No Water is Produced
"Works Like A Room Tumble Dryer"

DH800 & DH1200 are terms DryFan® / DH800 INOX & DH1200 INOX are terms for DryBoat®

Both units are "3-Hole" that means that wet air is drawn into the unit is filtered and cleaned.  The air is then separated.  85% of the dry, clean air is exhausted out while 15% of the air is used to exhaust water as Nano Mist to the outside. 

Can Water Be Exhausted Upwards?

The water can indeed be exhausted vertically upwards.  Ideally, there should be a decline in the exhaust hose to stop condensation building in the exhaust and running back into the dehumidifier.  However, there will be instances when this is not possible or desired.
If the exhaust length is short, condensation of Nano Mist may be unlikely to happen at all.  Longer lengths or dehumidifiers used in colder climates (even down to -20°C) may need the exhaust hose lagged with insulation.  A condensation trap can also be fitted if used in conditions above freezing.
Ducts can be longer than prescribed but performance will decrease with additional length due to added air resistance (around 20% per additional meter added to the 3m maximum (Nano Mist exhaust air duct around 20% for every 0.3 meters over the 1 meter maximum).  A solution to this issue, if air flow or extraction performance is a concern, is to use wider diameter ducts to those prescribed and suitable couplings (not provided).  
The wet air exhaust is waste water pipe size 41mm in diameter.  This is readily available in DIY shops but sometimes referred to as 40mm Push-Fit pipe and connections.  The larger duct diameter is 125mm a standard duct size that is used with some venting kit manufacturers and often used for tumble dryers in flexible and hard duct options also widely available from DIY stores.

Water is Is Simply Vented Away.
Water May Condense in the Exhaust Tube Unless Lagged.
Decline the Exhaust Away To Stop Any Chance of Tube Condensate Returning

Can Water Be Exhausted Upwards?

Please note this is the least efficient way of drying.  Mostly drying will need the compound effect of drying air over and over.  Typically relatively humidity will fall 30% each time air passes through the DryFan. However, this will probably stabilize around  45% RH even in a relatively well sealed room if set even to its maximum dry level unless in exceptional circumstances.

Humans are comfortable around 55-65% RH

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