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Keep the cabin & indeed structure of a boat dry with our compact boat dehumidifiers

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Dehumidification products designed to meet the harsh demands of the the boating community.  Help keep furnishing dry & help maintain structural integrity due to moisture attack.  Dehumidifier keep the cabin area fresh & dry sails, clothing & seating areas much quicker so they feel warmer & smell fresher. 

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Oct' 2016

Yachting World rates the DH1200 Dehumidifier as Best Boat Dehumidifier

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Life & Death.  A home dehumidifier was never designed to work 247 unattended.  Almost 6 million dehumidifier have been recalled in the past 5 years from other manufactures for fear of fire concerns when in operation.   Only Ecor Pro industrial grade units,  with specifically designed safety features are designed to run all day every day.  If you protect your home or boat with a normal dehumidifier check your  insurance policy to ensure you are covered.

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9 minute video showing application

Larger DryBoat® 12 comparable to a normal
home 24 litre / 50 pint dehumidifier

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Equivalant in performance to a normal
home 16 litre / 30 pint dehumidifier

You can return to your boat after the winter or after a vacation abroad to find mould or mildew but not with a DryBoat stainless steel dehumidifier from Ecor Pro.

There are several considerations when shopping for a dehumidifier for your boat. Most “home” dehumidifiers drain into a “bucket” which is a problem if you're gone for six months as no one is available to drain the bucket daily.  Most home units will have a permanent drainage facility but if this blocks with dust or mould or even kinks, the water can back up into the unit and into the cabin causing a flood.

Another issue is how to fix the home dehumidifier in place?  Usually its drained on the galley kitchen drainage  & into the galley sink or into the bilge.  However, if the bilge pump failed there might be a problem.  Often the dehumidifier is literally tied in place with straps & tape through the handle but its all not ideal.

The best solution is the Ecor Pro solution.  A dehumidifier that can link to your heating system ducting to keep your whole boat dry.  No liquid water is produced just moisture vented away to the deck area or through the air intake vent to the engine room.  Even simpler is building it into the cabin having the unit secured with the convenient feet.  About the size of a childs shoe box but more powerfule than a typical 16-25 litre cmpressor dehumidifier.

DryBoat® has a handle for carrying on & off the boat and still be able to have a free hand for steadying. Alternatively, the feet that swivel out & have holes to enable it to be fastened to cabin walls in any orientation.  Alternatively, these can be used to lock down in compartmetns, cupboards or under seats even if you are looking to install perminantly. Just one of the patented features of the Ecor Pro models

Warm Climate Or Cold. Moisture Can Condense Inside

Electricity.  Energy efficiency is a consideration, but not the primary consideration when choosing a dehumidifier for your boat.   If you have an Air conditioner system this will dry but the energy consumption is much higher than the Energy consumption of a dehumidifier.   The dehumidifier uses electricity only when it is needed or as set by the user.  The Humidistat allows you to set the dryness to stop mould & mildew usually to maintain a cabin humidity level of around 60% relative humidity. 

Power Outs.  The most important reason to have a marine dehumidifier is it does not have to be reset after the power blips, which it does several times a day in many harbours.  When the power goes out, obviously the unit shuts off but the minute the power comes back ON, the Ecor Pro dehumidifier comes right back on. Most home dehumidifiers have some type of electronics that means they do NOT turn back on automatically after a power blip.

Venting Using Existing Ventilation Holes

Dry Air Ducted Into The Heating Duct When In Birth

Construction.  A good boat dehumidifier will have a low centre of gravity, be relatively lightweight, compact in size and have no castors to roll around. Ideally it should be able to be fixed & secured down to avoid tipping with the motion of a boat, even in a slip.  Ecor Pro DryBoat units are perhaps the smallest desiccant dehumidifiers in the market & the clever feet allow the unit to he fastened down.

Stainless Steel.  Humidity and salt air causes metal to rust.  Our stainless dehumidifier just keeps on & removing water day in and day out. A home dehumidifier may be plastic on the outside but on the inside its unprotected metals that rust.

Carry Handle.  You may want to take your dehumidifier home so having a carry handle that allows you to carry in one hand on and off board but also leaves one hand free to steady yourself on the plank.  It makes it easier to transfer to storage under the pullman berth each year if necessary for the high summer if you have no room to actually install the Ecor Pro dehumidifier in a cupboard or even under a bunk.

Safety & Reliability.  A stainless dehumidifier can cost more than what a household unit would be but it should last a lot longer.  The other issue is a home dehumidifier has been designed to work as it says in a home.  They have not been designed to work all day, every day as is needed in required when an installation or during winter periods unattended.  I have heard of plastic home dehumidifiers going on fire (thankfully none of our Ecor Pro home units) but we have never heard of a stainless steel dehumidifier overheating.  The inbuilt safety always protects your investment.

Low Temperatures.  In most instances, where your boat is birthed, it will get cold at some time.  Usually at the times you need to protect the boat most from moisture.  Using conventional compressor dehumidifiers will not dry at lower temperatures and therefore only a desiccant dehumidifiers are suited to the purpose.   

Other Alternatives?  Will desiccant gel products do the job?  Yes, but they fill up very quickly in such a humid atmosphere and need to be replaced regularly.  Typically these gel units extract very small levels of water rather than litres with a desiccant dehumidifier.

Control Humidity.  Dehumidifiers allow you to set the percent of humidity left in the boat.  If you have a teak cabin humidity level should be maintained around 60% relative humidity.  If not wood you can keep your boat dry to the level that suit you.

The DryBoat® 8 is only 190 x 190 x 190mm  (7 1/2" x   7 1/2" x 7 1/2").

The DryBoat® 12 is only 90mm longer (3 1/2") Of course ducting is slightly more  but its still perhaps the smallest piece of kit that can be used to save thousands of $ € or £  of cost maintaining your craft. 

Whether integrated or stand alone, DryBoat® solves humidity problems all round your boat.