Absorption Dehumidifiers 110V

The absorption dehumidifier market is getting more competitive.  Market competition is growing and performance, reliability and durability are product goals.

Having designed the Ecor Pro DH2500 & DH3500 in the UK we created not only 220V but also economically priced versions of the same dehumidifiers in 110V.

To give and idea of how good our units are we bench-marked them against the industry standard or the Swedish Corrventa model seen as a respected industry workhorse.

Ecor Pro is able to give almost double bang for buck,  moreover, we look a little closer at the Ecor Pro Desiccant or absorption dehumidifiers and use Corrventa A4 ES X as the benchmark

Perhaps Double Bang For Buck

Information correct at time of publication


absorption dehumidifier 110V

The Corrventa A4 ES X model is perhaps a bench-mark in the flood restoration market in the European.  However, Ecor Pro has an alternative that can be much cheaper and available in 220V as well as 110V.

Ecor Pro DH2500 & DH3500 are great options for absorption dehumidifiers for drying floods, moisture damage and flood restoration.  Looking at the Ecor Pro absortion dehumidifiers as an alternative to the Corrventa A4 ES X may surprise most people.

The air volume of the Ecor Pro DH2500 is up to 380m3/h plus 75m3/h thats over 450m3/h of air flow while the largest Corventa model A4 ES X dry air volume is only 350 m3/h.  The Ecor Pro DH3500, The largest models in the Ecor Pro range is 400m3/h plus 125m3/h thats over 500m3/h 

Ecor Pro does not use electronic controls preferring Analogue technology.  The reason Ecor Pro uses Analogue readouts for time used and Amps consumed is Simplicity & Reliability. Another important reason is that if there is a power out then the Ecor Pro Dehumidifiers will restart automatically.  The Corrventa  models uses Digital.  

Drying Capacity Corventa model A4 ES X has a drying capacity of 27 l/day at 60% RH and 20°C. The DH2500 has a capacity of 23.5l/day in the same conditions but the DH3500 has a whopping 36 litres!

Ecor Pro DH3500 has a whopping 36 litres!

A4 ES X is equipped with an additional heater for use in unheated environments and in areas where moisture has penetrated the material.  Ecor ro does not add this feature at the moment but will bring out a unit to heat seperately and give more flexibility into the heating of the dehumidifier process air.  Alternatively our common duct sizes allow other heaters to be integrated to the Ecor Pro dehumidifiers as the Ecor Pro Models have common duct sizes.

Ecor Pro does have both the DH2500 & DH3500 in 110V named DH2511 & DH3511 which is needed on building sites and high risk flooded areas in parts of Europe.  Corrventa does not have 110V absorption dehumidifiers available in the UK at point of writing.

Ecor Pro DH2511 & DH3511 110V versions

When it comes down to it though, volume users can spend money buying one Corrventa unit or two Ecor Pro models for the same price. Judge for yourself is Ecor Pro absorption dehumidifiers have more bang for near half the buck!

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