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Naomi Grills has been a dominant force in the catering industry for over 25 years. Originating in Amsterdam, Holland. The company has been selling to professional distribution clients and direct to catering establishments across Europe & indeed the world. Naomi Grills is known above all else for three things quality, quality & quality and are seen by professionals in the industry as the best grill machine manufacturer.


In 2009 Naomi had the benefit of the Ecor Pro's Engineering Team, based near Newcastle in the UK.  Today's range has been especially designed for the premium catering outlet & built for longevity to make a Noami Grill an investment that will last.

Possibly the most advanced grill machines with special features such as easy clean electric radiant burners and of course robot grills that save staff costs & generate revenue as they are a talking point for any restaurant customer.

turkish fabricationNaomi Grills focusses on design & production of quality Salamander Grills, Shawarma Grills & Kebab Grills offered at reasonable prices. Naomi Grills are designed by us for the European & North American Market in our offices and produced in Turkey to the highest standard.

We realise the machine is an investment for any business so we built it with quality and longevity in mind. 


Naomi Grills was integrated into Ecor Pro B.V. in 2015 but the companies have long worked as sister companies even sharing the same building since 2009.  

The Naomi Grills business actually grew from a pita bread factory two of our shareholders developed into the market leader in Europe supplying millions of pita breads to supermarkets and restaurants every year.  

naomi pita bread for salamander grills


That bread business has long since been sold but the off-shoot still exists as Naomi Grills.  Today millions of pita breads are cooked every day on Naomi Grill salamander grills.


The engineering between a grill & a dehumidifier may seem strange but if you consider carefully the same principles exist with both and in fact there is a skill swap to the benefit of both product areas by our engineers. 


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