Ecor Pro designs & builds home and commercial grade dehumidifiers. We have over 40 years experience in the market often making designs specifically to our customer's request around the world especially Europe & North America

Boat Dehumidifiers

DryBoat® is a dehumidifier like DryFan® only designed for use on boats and yachts.  Sea salt can be highly corrosive so this stainless steel version is ideal.  All our larger Inox versions can be used for Engine Rooms, Cabins, Holds and Shipping Containers.   Very safe in operation and can work below zero.  Ecor Pro Inox dehumidifiers are also used in the catering industry including commercial kitchens and fridges to keep food fresher and lasting longer as well as the room dry.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Swimming pool dehumidifiers need to have a special coating to protect against hydrochloric acid attack from the chlorine in swimming pools.  This can shorten the life of a pool dehumidifier significantly unless specially treated.  Ecor Pro compressor dehumidifiers are designed for such an environment.  Easy to install in ducts or simply plug in.  Used also in Museums, Offices, Work Places and even Warehouses and perhaps the most sold pool dehumidifiers in Europe.

Building Dryer Dehumidifiers

Tough dehumidifiers designed for use in offices, storage spaces. Some dehumidifiers are designed with the hire market in mind being tough, compact even running some at 110 Volts.  These units can be used all day every day and used in Museums, Offices, Work Places, Gyms and Sports Halls  or for Warehouses to keep goods dry.  Dehumidifiers can be ducted, used in conjunction with heaters or just free standing.  

Portable Air Conditioners
Spot coolers or portable air conditioners need no real installation.  Our Toyotomi branded units are available from stock and are ideal for fast heat relief in the home or office.  We also have a vast range of air conditions we sell under private label to customers under our own brand Ecor Pro but mainly under clients own brands.  High wall air conditions or "ductless splits" can also be found in our own brand offering.  
Home Dehumidifiers

A range of home dehumidifiers both compressor dehumidifiers and absorption dehumidifiers that dominates much of the own brand and branded market.  An Ecor Pro brand new invention for the home is DryFan®.  Instead of condensing water this new innovation creates nano mist from the air so that moisture can simply be vented away even vertically upward and out. No need to empty the water.   Ideal for crawl spaces, basements, cupboards, lofts, ceiling voids above bathrooms and many other applications.

Home Compressor Heat Recovery

The LD800 is a unique unit that can allow fresh air in the home and trap in the heat in your home.  Can be over 250% efficient as all the energy used to power the LD800 plus the latent heat is returned to the home.  The better alternative to simple cross over heat exchangers that are often less than 50% efficient even for the best cross overs. 

Zibro Heaters
Ecor Pro work in partnership with Toyotomi of Japan.  Toyotomi are number one name in paraffin heaters.  We bring to Europe a superior range of laser paraffin heaters, double burner paraffin heaters & single burner paraffin heaters.  All Zibro units under the Zibro, Kero Sun or Toyotomi brands are all made with safety in mind.  A safety level that goes beyond even the normal European regulations for safety.  Perhaps the safest paraffin heater range in the market.
Fly Killers

Our brand of fly killers under the Katalan® brand have been used in homes for almost 40 years.  The first home fly killer shape we know of today was designed by Katlan fly killer designers in the Early 1970s.  Using KEMA approved power sources and the highest quality materials, we have a long standing range of products fit for to kill flying insects effectively.

Kebab Grills

Our heating technology can be applied to other items and in fact Kebab Grills is where Ecor Pro started with the brand Naomi Grills.  A highly respected brand for the fast food outlet, restaurant or meat preparation factory.  A range of Robot Kebab Grills cut the meat consistently saving wage bills.  The Salamander and conventional Kebab Grills are widely consider the premium quality grill in the across Europe.